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We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best attorney experience possible.

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best attorney experience possible. If you need immigration help, we are here for you. We specialize in immigration and focus on getting our clients the results they need. Find out more by scheduling your free consultation today.

You must show that you are eligible for asylum and that you deserve asylum. Our attorneys are persuasive and strategic, and they can help you win your case.

If you want a green card or work permit, call our attorneys today to find out your options. The consultation is completely confidential and absolutely free

Our immigration attorneys are highly qualified to handle even the most complex matters. They take an aggressive and strategic approach to every deportation case.

We help students from all over the world stay in the U.S. so they can pursue their dreams.



Fernando and Matthew started Santos Khoury, LLP to help immigrants succeed in America. Fernando is a Brazilian immigration attorney from Cape Cod, M.A, and Matthew is a Middle Eastern attorney from San Francisco, C.A. Both men come from tight-knit immigrant families. If you’ve had a chance to speak with either Matthew or Fernando you’ll immediately notice they aren’t like most attorneys. What separates them from the pack? They love helping immigrants fix their legal problems.They treat their clients like family and pride themselves on being the best immigration attorneys in California. 


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Fernando & Matthew

Raised by immigrants, Fernando and Matthew pride themselves on providing the best service to immigrants in San Diego and throughout California. Call for a free consultation, and our immigration lawyers will tell you the truth about your immigration situation and let you know your options upfront. Fernando and Matthew started this law firm to give immigrants the best service at an affordable cost. They are honest, professional, and strategic. Just find out for yourself by booking an appointment here. We offer immigration consultations that are completely confidential. We guarantee you will be impressed with this immigration law firm.

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