Selecting the right asylum attorney is perhaps one of the most difficult and important choices you will make in the United States. Our attorneys specialize in asylum and are committed to your success. Find out what makes us different by booking your free video consultation today. 

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The process of applying for asylum can be complicated, especially due to President Trumps targeting of asylum seekers. You may feel discouraged because so many applications are denied. However, our asylum attorneys guide you in navigating the process and preparing you for your interview with the government. Our firm will review your claim for free and provide an honest assessment of your chances for approval. If you have a good chance and decide to move forward, we will work hard to help you achieve your goal.

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Winning asylum can be a life changing event. After one year our clients are able to apply for a green card and eventually citizenship. They are able to apply for asylum status for their spouse and children, obtain work authorization and travel outside of the United States.

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