Do I need an asylum attorney to win asylum in the USA?

A question that we often get (and what you may be wondering if you are reading this blog) is, “Do I need an asylum attorney to win my asylum case in the United States?” 


The answer is yes, you should hire an asylum lawyer in USA to represent you.  Note that I did not say “immigration lawyer,” but rather asylum lawyer.  This is because not all immigration lawyers practice asylum and many who do just know the basics. 


Our asylum attorneys have spoken with hundreds of asylum seekers and from those conversations we have learned that price is the most common reason that asylum seekers do not hire lawyers.  Because nonprofits who do asylum work are understaffed and overwhelmed with work, most people will go unrepresented unless they hire a private asylum attorney in the United States.  This creates a huge problem for asylum applicants because applicants who have an asylum attorney representing them are five times more likely to win their case than those without an asylum lawyer, but yet, most asylum applicants do not have a lawyer.


There is no question that an asylum lawyer will increase your chances of success, but is it really worth it to pay thousands of dollars to hire an asylum attorney?  I mean, what does an asylum attorney really do for me?


Well, I cannot speak for all asylum lawyers in the United States, though I can tell you how we do things at our immigration law firm in California.  But before I tell you what we do here, I just want to mention one thing.  You can apply for asylum by completing Form I-589 and following the instructions, but that does not mean that you will win your asylum case.  It is very important that you know exactly what your asylum attorney will do for you before you give money to him or her.  I agree with you that it would be ridiculous to pay thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money to an “asylum” lawyer who merely fills out a form for you.  You could do that on your own.  Okay, so what can a great asylum lawyer do for you?


There are many ways an asylum attorney can help you win your case, but for purposes of brevity, I will discuss only two ways. 


First, a good asylum lawyer can help you prepare a very compelling statement.  Your statement (called your “declaration”) is one of the most important pieces of evidence in an asylum case.  Your declaration will need to establish that you are eligible for and deserving of asylum, and it must make the asylum officer or immigration judge desire to grant you asylum.  A strong declaration will not be too long or too short.  You do not want to state too much information to the point where you harm your case, but you also want to provide a detailed explanation of the harm you suffered.  So where do you draw the line?  That is where a good asylum attorney comes in.  A good asylum attorney can help develop your statement and make it more compelling by listening to you carefully and asking you the right questions.Additionally, the asylum attorney will ensure there are no inconsistencies in your statement (an inconsistency can result in a denial).  The asylum attorney should also consider every potential argument that can be made against you based on the information in your statement, and preempt those arguments by helping you revise your statement. 


Second, a good asylum attorney will tell your story in the most persuasive way possible.  Remember, asylum is discretionary – meaning, eligibility alone is not enough.  You must persuade the adjudicator that you should win.  Persuasion is important in and out of the courtroom.  As such, our asylum attorneys spend the time necessary to draft a strong cover letter that tells the client’s story persuasively.  Your asylum attorney’s writing style should be aggressive and creative, as this will ensure that you have a high likelihood of success or a strong record for appeal in the case of denial.


In addition to the above, a top asylum attorney in USA can help you in many ways, such as preparing you for the interview, rebutting the government’s arguments regarding your ability to relocate to another part of your home country, and more.


In closing, make sure that you have the best asylum lawyer on your side before applying for asylum in the United States.  This requires you to interview your potential asylum attorney and make sure that this attorney is the one who can win your case.


Our asylum attorneys offer free consultations and give case-specific advice based on your unique needs.  If you are considering asylum in the United States, contact our attorneys for a free consultation.  Worst case, you get some free advice on asylum.